And fans are loving it, surprise surprise

Camilla Thurlow is the most reserved of the girls in the Love Island villa – so we quite frankly lost our MINDS when she ended up acting out sex positons with Jonny Mitchell on tonight’s show.

The gang were tasked with playing a game called “speedy sex positions”, which, er, does what it says on the tin, to be honest.

Well done producers – you really do your jobs properly on this show.

Camilla’s face says it all

Camilla obviously cringed when reading out the rules to the game as she and Jonny were given the job of reading out the positions.

The other islanders had to act them out – but if they got them wrong, Camilla and Jonny would have to “show them how it’s done”. Camilla’s words.


Camilla explained she was “extremely relieved to be hosting rather than taking part” – but the other islanders threw a spanner in the works, getting the positions wrong so that Camilla and Jonny had to perform the X-rated positions themselves.

Jessica Shears revealed: “We did have a slight conspiracy that we wanted Jonny and Camilla to have to demonstrate something.”

Jess purposefully got the positions wrong

The other housemates were given positions such as doggy style, bench and scissor to act out (look, we’re just explaining what happened!).

But when it came to some positions, it was Camilla and Jonny’s turn to give the position a go. Poor Camilla was cringing all over the shop, but got into the swing of things. Hasn’t she come out of her shell?

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The best moment of the show? When Camilla remarked to the Beach Hut camera: “I do try and generally operate on the rule of ‘lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.”

Wonder what rumoured flame Prince Harry makes of that…

Viewers were obviously loving the saucy task, and were all over Twitter with their thoughts on the matter.

We hope there’s more coy amazingness from Camilla in tomorrow’s show…