So THAT'S why they don't have any tan lines

Their beautiful bronzed bodies have been the envy of most of the nation for weeks – why don’t they have any tan-lines?

But FINALLY the secret to their glowing, even colour has been revealed and it’s not down to the Majorca sun.

Poor Olivia Attwood accidentally revealed the villas biggest beauty secret when she was getting ready for her final date with boyfriend, Chris Hughes.


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The tans are FAKE. Out of a bottle. Not natural.

Love Island

Olivia revealed the secret to her flawless tan (Photo: ITV2)

And the beauty blunder did not go unnoticed by eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter, who were left in hysterics after spotting her early morning application.

One wrote: ‘Was Olivia just fake tanning?! OMFGGGGGGGGGG no wonder they’re all so brown and even and not sweaty’.

Love Island

Olivia getting ready for her final date with Chris in the villa (Photo: ITV2)


They added: ‘It’s bloody fake lol #LoveIsland.’

Many viewers also struggled to understand why she was spraying her legs with tan after spending the last seven weeks soaking up the scorching sun.

But at least she looked streak-free for her romantic date with everyone’s favourite, Chris.

The couple were treated to a cruise on a luxury yacht, and the TV beauty took the chance to finally confess her feelings and explain her mood swings towards him.

She said: ‘I wanted you to know that even though you drive me crazy, when I look back on our time in the villa, I have put you through stuff. I’ve realised more than ever that.

Love Island

Olivia and Chris on their final Love Island date (ITV2)

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‘I am a massive product of my past and I have coping mechanisms and one of them is to be a b**ch and when I feel vulnerable, I will push everyone away.’

She added: ‘If I hadn’t come here and I hadn’t met you, I would not have realised that and I don’t honestly believe there’s any other boy that could have brought it out of me.

‘I realise how much you put up with. You are insanely patient and that is the reason why I like you, one of many reasons.’