Don't mess with this lady…

Since leaving Love Island, runner-up Olivia Buckland has been giving us all SERIOUS make-up envy with her flawless ombre lip and smokey eye combo.

But as well as rocking some killer contouring, we also know that this star still looks incredible with no make-up on at all.

Seriously, we don’t know how she managed it in 30 degree heat…

[GIF] Olivia Buckland Love Island

Despite constantly proving she’s a natural beauty, unfortunately for Olivia it seems like she’s been getting a bit of stick recently for ‘wearing too much make-up’ and some people have even accused the star of having plastic surgery.


Well, this feisty lady wasn’t about to let this criticism slide and has challenged social media trolls with a few strong-worded Tweets and one EPIC Snapchat rant.


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Talking to the camera, Olivia tells followers to ‘stop accusing’ her of having work done and says: ‘Just because I’ve come out of Love Island and I’m wearing a lot of make-up does not mean that I’ve changed, I was exactly the same person before.’

Although she admitted to having one lot of lip fillers LAST November, the Essex girl went on: ‘I’ve not had a nose job, I’ve not had cheek fillers – it’s just my face.’


Olivia Buckland hits back at plastic surgery rumours with a Snapchat rant

And it seems like Olivia’s boyfriend and fellow Love Island star, Alex Bowen is a fan of her bare-faced look, as she later added: ‘I love being natural and I love looking like a scruff – Alex calls me a scruff on a day to day basis, but I also love getting dolled up and dressed up.’

And a girl can definitely do both!

The reality star then finished the rant in the best way possible, adding: ‘B**** don’t need a procedure, just need a decent camera angle.’


Olivia’s loyal fans were quick to praise the fiery video and took to Twitter to support her. One follower wrote: ‘Didn’t think I could love @OliviaDBuck anymore till she just had a rant on snapchat go on girl you slaaay,’ another fan added: ‘Okay @OliviaDBuck Snapchat rant is giving me life right now you tell em’ girl!!’

While a third supporter said: ‘So important that girls like @OliviaDBuck openly talk about girls supporting eachother & not commenting on anybody’s physical appearance.’

Too right… You tell them, Olivia!