The Love Island contestant has a son with Kelly Brook's ex David McIntosh


She’s the former Miss England, niece of Olympic athlete Linford Christie… and has a three-year-old son with Kelly Brook’s ex David McIntosh.

In an exclusive interview with Now before she stars in new ITV2 dating show Love Island, she tells all about her relationship with the ex Celebrity Big Brother star and what she REALLY thinks of his famous ex-fiancee…

Are you hoping to find true love?
I don’t know. It’s a bit funny isn’t it as some people can play games and they might not be genuine as this on TV but I am genuine so hopefully there will be someone I can connect with and maybe have a long term friendship with.

What’s your type?
They have to be fit and take care of themselves and be nice, not emotional but not be an arse. I don’t like loud or arrogant people, someone that’s fake and in your face, that would do my head in.

Where do you think you’ve gone wrong in the past?
I think I attract the wrong type of guy. I have a son and they have to love kids. If they don’t they are gone straight away anyway as he is my priority, he’s the love of my life and so he has to become theirs too.

Is it going to be hard to be away from him?
Yes I’m going to miss him loads. I wanted to do something great this year and he’s with my mum and I trust her and he loves her so he will be fine.

Your son’s father David McIntosh’s ex girlfriend Kelly Brook hosted the first Love Island. Is that weird for you?
Yes, I found this out recently. I don’t really care about Kelly Brook, I don’t care about her. The only time I cared was if she was going to have anything to do with my son, which she isn’t. She’s just another girl, isn’t she?

What does David think about you being on the show?
I didn’t tell him. And he’d be the last person I’d tell.

He proposed to you four times and you have said it was an ‘intense’ relationship. Are you looking for something more fun this time?
Yeah. He was a fun person but more of a friend. I want someone who will take me seriously, not life too seriously and have fun at the same time. He’s in the past. He’s just something in the past that has gone.

* Love Island begins on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2