Are they or aren’t they? That’s what every Love Island fan is asking after tonight’s drama-filled episode.

Danny Love Island

Model Arabella picked Danny for one of her first dates, and Yewande admitted she was upset he didn’t come and talk to her before he went and chatted to the boys when he returned to the villa.

The pair then had a talk about where they stand, with Danny bluntly asking her: ‘How can you move forward if you can’t talk about your feelings?’

But viewers at home had no sympathy for Yewande, saying she only had herself to blame for pushing Danny away.

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One tweeted: ‘Yewande blaming and doubting Danny for mistakes he hasn’t even made yet.’

A second wrote: ‘I’m sorry right but Yewande’s saying that she wants attention from Danny but he tries to talk to her and she looks the other way? Is there any need?’

Speaking with Tommy, Molly-Mae and Maura, Danny later admitted their romance felt ‘laboured’ before straight-talking Maura told him he should just ‘nip it in the bud’.

Danny and Yewande Love Island

‘I’m sorry, but you deserve to be happy Danny and, honestly, by looking at you, she ain’t making you happy,’ the Irish beauty said.

As they got glammed up for the night, Anna asked Yewande if she’s finally going to start showing Danny some affection.

Yewande replied: ‘Yeah, I’m going to try and not be a cold-hearted bitch.’

Meanwhile, in true Maura style, the ring girl later confessed she’s also starting to like Danny.

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‘Danny has definitely grown on me. It’s probably a surprise to everyone. It’s not really a surprise to me because that is how I connect with someone, when I get to know them.’

Amber, Curtis, Michael and Amy then offered Yewande some tips on how to show Danny how she truly feels.

And with her new found confidence, Yewande asked Danny for a chat.

Arabella Love Island

‘I want to say I understand where you’re coming from,’ she told him.

She finally confessed she really fancies him and ‘will try to be more affectionate’.

The pair then kissed and Danny told her she ‘makes him so happy’.

However, Arabella asked the others if Yewande would have been so forthcoming if she hadn’t come into the villa – and they all said no.

In a teaser, Arabella can also be seen asking Danny the same question, and he also doesn’t seem so sure…

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