Amy Childs has been spotted on dates with fellow ex-TOWIE star Tom Pearce, and her parents reportedly approve!

Flame-haired ex-TOWIE girl Amy Childs split with her footballer beau Adam Smith this autumn and appears to have found an unlikely new celebrity man.

She’s been spotted out with fellow TOWIE alumnus Tom Pearce and, according to pals, it won’t be long before they’re serious.

A source told The Sun that Amy and Tom have known each other a number of years, despite never appearing on TOWIE together, as their parents are close friends.

Amy hasn’t always had the easiest love life and luckily Tom was there to pick up the pieces after her split from Adam,’ the source said. ‘The relationship is still in the very early stages but it’s likely things will get serious quite quickly.’

On the surface, Amy and Tom couldn’t be more different – she’s a beautician who shot to fame by sticking diamantes on her clients’ lady parts, while he is a university-educated banker.

Opposites definitely seem to be attracting each other in this case, though – Amy recently posted a snap on Twitter of a new silver ring, with the caption: ‘Thank you to a very special someone.‘ And no, it wasn’t on that finger!

It’s been reported that Tom has already bonded with Amy‘s parents, and that they approve of their daughter’s new squeeze, calling him a ‘lovely guy’.

Amy Childs‘ love life hasn’t all been plain sailing in the past. She dated fellow TOWIE star Kirk Norcross in 2010, who was then accused of contributing to her split with personal trainer David Peters, after Kirk publicly declared he was still in love with Amy.

She’s also admitted in the past to being ‘fussy’ when it comes to men, and was private about her relationship with Adam Smith.

She told the Mail Online: ‘I like someone I can have banter with. Down to earth, a cheeky chappy. Just someone I get on with. It’s about having fun.’

Let’s hope Tom is that cheeky chappy she’s been looking for.

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