WATCH: Now's 17.3ish questions with Rosie Fortescue, because ain't nobody got time for 73, eh Victoria Beckham... !?

Rosie Fortescue offa Made In Chelsea gives great style, that much we know, right?

But what happened when Now HQ asked Rosie to pull ‘a Victoria Beckham‘ and parody her ’73 questions’ Vogue video? *strikes a pose*

This, this is what happened…

Rosie Fortescue caught up with Now magazine on Friday morning at It-girl shopping destination, Portobello Market in Lahndan town.

Fitting really, as Rosie is the current face (and body) of fashion e-tailer’s MarketSpace. Rosie wore fashwarn garms from Pretaportobello’s MarketSpace for the occasion, proving she’s ever the professonial too.

Stylish, funny, and able to create a parody video in just one (ish) take – good lawd we defo have a new girl crush on our hands. Autographs! Fangirling! A burly man knocking her off the pavement mid-video… Rosie took it all in her stride!

Want to know what the MIC star has to say about VB’s breakfast habits, whether she’s a Harry or a William girl, er the name of her spiritual animal, who gets it right and wrong on Made In Chelsea, or what’s in her handbag, THIS VERY SECOND!? Then have a watch of the above.

And if you love Ms Fortescue as much as we now do, do be sure to check out her foolproof real-life Made In Chelsea shopping guide, coming soon to Now magazine and

Oh, and one lucky reader will win her entire outfit too… YES! #LoveRosie

See the original Victoria Beckham Vogue video here:

Victoria Beckham reveals in cringe video the one thing she can’t live without – and it’s not what you’d expect

Check out Pretaportobello’s MarketSpace here.

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