TOWIE star was disappointed when she tried to go on Alton Towers ride The Smiler

It was the Alton Towers ride that everyone wanted to go on. The Smiler promised thrill-seekers the opportunity to be turned upside down 14 times as part of its record-breaking experience.

But the Staffordshire theme park is now being investigated after four rollercoaster riders – three of them teenagers – suffered serious leg injuries yesterday. The victims were crushed after their carriage crashed into an empty cart. It took five hours to cut all the passengers free.

One person who must be breathing a sign of relief today is TOWIE star Jessica Wright. Mark’s sister was due to go on the ride when it first opened in 2013 but was turned away at the last minute when it got ‘stuck’ mid-air.

Jess, who travelled from Essex to go on it, said: ‘I feel sorry for Alton Towers they’ve invested a lot of money into the ride and there’s going to be teething problems, it’s really bad luck.

‘It’s a shame I didn’t get to go on it but I’m glad I was late because OMG if I’d have been stuck on it, I would have freaked out.’

Rapper Tinchy Stryder was less forgiving at the time though. He travelled from London to go on it at the same launch event as Jess.

He said: ‘I’m hugely disappointed I never got to go on it. It’s called The Smiler and I was sitting there thinking what is there to smile about.

‘I’ve travelled here from London today for the launch of the ride and haven’t even had a chance to go on it. I don’t even know what’s wrong – someone said it might be a powercut but I don’t know. It’s a shame.’

Alton Towers is now closed after the rollercoaster crash. Nick Varney, chief executive of the park’s owners Merlin Entertainments, said: ‘This has been a terrible incident and a devastating day for everyone here.

‘I would like to express my sincerest regret and apology to everyone who suffered injury and distress and to their families.

‘The safety of our visitors is our primary concern. The park will remain closed until we understand better the cause of this dreadful incident.’