Victoria Beckham's BFF is looking BUFF

We’re lost for words at Tana Ramsay‘s jaw-dropping abs. On a recent beach walk with husband Gordon, Tana, 40, looked muscular and toned as she showed off her six-pack.

Her amazing size 10 figure is all the more impressive when you consider she fits her workouts around looking after four children.

So what’s her secret?!

In a bid to help chef Gordon, 48, shed the pounds, it seems 5ft 7in, 9st 10lb Tana promised to get fit too. She’s also had some friendly support from her best friend Victoria Beckham. As well as frequent power walks, she enjoys regular SoulCycle spin classes with Victoria, 40. Well, they say working out is easier when you have a buddy don’t they?

Tana has also competed in marathons with Gordon – in fact she’s been known to BEAT him by 15 minutes! Impressive.

Tana, who’s released a number of cookbooks over the years, also devised a low-fat, protein-
rich eating plan for the pair. ‘She put me on a strict diet,’ revealed Gordon. ‘Every day she made
me stand on those scales.’

Tana says: ‘I cook out of a desire to give my children a very balanced diet to set them up
with incredibly good habits for later on in life to maintain their health.’ And her amazing figure is proof that fad diets and body obsessions aren’t necessary to keep in shape.

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