The X Factor contestant is one lucky girl...

X Factor’s Louisa Johnson only became single at the start of this month, but it looks like she already has two One Direction after her affections: Louis Tomlinson AND Niall Horan.

First, Louis got in touch…’ He direct messaged me,’ Louisa told The Mirror, ‘He said, “Good luck.” It was nice to have support. I replied, saying, “Thanks so much.” He’s just a normal person.’ However, the blonde beauty says she isn’t interested in the One Direction star romantically. ‘He’s not really my type.’ Poor Louis!


Niall has also been in contact with Louisa, when he met her backstage at the X Factor after the One Direction boys performed on the show. Louisa, who is in the ‘girls’ category on X Factor revealed: ‘He was saying, “Let your personality shine through.” Those two seem to be backing me, which is nice.’

While we’re sure it’s fun to flirt with the One Direction boys, Louisa also receives a lot of unwanted attention via her Twitter account, including one particularly strange individual…’We had a foot fetish man,’ she revealed, ‘He keeps asking us about our feet. What do they smell like when we’ve got off stage? I’ve blocked him. It’s creepy.’ Eww! Poor Louisa.

Still, it looks like Louisa is managed to keep her focus despite all the men fighting over her, explaining she cares solely about coming top in the show: ‘“I want to win the show. I was prepared for the pressure, but it does get hard. I prepared myself for the worst, which is why I’m coping all right.’

We’re proud of you, Louisa – and think you have just the right attitude to win the show!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter