The reality star and business woman has made her feelings very clear

Many would agree that being a woman on the internet is no easy feat. And when you’re not only a woman, but a mother as well, there seems to be an additional layer of criticism that is necessary to field off.

Sadly for Luisa Zissman, she’s been the recent target of the overly-critical gaze of some of her followers, who have slammed her decision to go on holiday – two months after giving birth to her second child.

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The Apprentice finalist and Celebrity Big Brother star recently jetted away to Dubai for a mini-break with friend Rachael Lalji , leaving daughters Dixie, 5, and Indigo Grace, born in August 2016, at home with husband Andrew Colllins.

Though Luisa, 29, has been giving her fans plenty of images from her lavish trip, one in particular sparked debate in the comments section:

‘Current situation, nursing hangover with iced coffee,’ she began her caption, posted on Saturday (15th October). ‘Home tomorrow to my babies been a short but sweet break.’

While many were praising how good she looked, especially having given birth mere weeks ago, there were some who were shocked at the fact that she’d left her young children at home to go on a separate holiday.

‘Literally could not leave my newborn baby and go away.. its just not right,’ reads a comment from one, while another adds: ‘Couldn’t leave my baby so soon !!!! Tho that breaks looks amazing. (sic)’

Thankfully, Luisa’s had a lot of support from fans, parents and non-parents alike who have supported her decision.

‘Mummies need a break too. You’re still a individual who needs time for yourself, you’re not just a mummy,’ writes one – well said!

However, feisty Lu isn’t one to let her battles be fought for her – and later posted a succinct video to show exactly what she thinks of the comments…by sticking her middle finger up, on a loop.

Reading the ridiculous comments on my Instagram bikini pic like 🙄🙄 #fuckyoucuntfuckers #mumsymumsy

A post shared by Luisa Collins (Zissman) (@luisazissman) on

‘Reading the ridiculous comments on my Instagram bikini pic like…’ says Luisa, followed by a very explicit hashtag. Yikes – guess that’s them told!

We can only assume that this response holds true for others who’ve commented on a later picture of her smoking shisha (flavoured tobacco)…