Lydia Bright chats her beauty regime and what the heck’s going on with James 'Arg' Argent…


Out of all the TOWIE girls Lydia Bright has always been the most confident about letting her natural beauty shine through. In a sea of botox, tan, false eyelashes and shimmer, it’s always refreshing to see the Lydia‘s natural glow, so we found out all her beauty tips just for you! You’re welcome.


Out of all the TOWIE girls you’re known for your natural look…

I do like being known for that. I really look after my skin and try not to clog it up with makeup on a daily basis. I cleanse with St. Ives, then tone and moisturise to give me the confidence to go natural during the day.

Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?

I’ve always been quite confident in my skin. There’s nothing about my face or body that’d make me want to undergo cosmetic surgery. I’m not completely against it and if someone wants to enhance something to feel better about themselves, that’s their choice. But I prefer a natural look.

Lyds, what’s your skin secret?

I’m a massive fan of St. Ives
beauty products and it’s amazing to be the brand ambassador at the
moment. All their face scrubs are natural to make your skin look
younger, brighter and more radiant. I did a really cool time-lapse video
with them in which they put a week’s worth of makeup on my face, then
slowly stripped it back. At the start I looked really over the top and
it showed how much better you look as it was taken off. If you use the
right products, you can have the confidence to go make-free.

How does Arg prefer you…?

Like all boys, he’s more a fan of the natural look. Girls think getting themselves dolled up will make them more attractive, but boys just prefer the girl next door who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup.

What’s the latest on you and Arg, spill!

Oh who knows! Me and James have a long history – we were together for three years before the show and a year when we were on it. we’re just two normal people from Essex who’ve been on this massive rollercoaster. Our lives have completely changed.

Are you dating?

We have a really special bond. I wouldn’t rule out a complete reunion, but right now I’m not ready for it – I love being single.

Lydia teamed up with St. Ives to achieve fresher, more radiant looking skin ahead of a make-up free shoot, designed to reveal the natural beauty that lies beneath a week’s worth of make-up. For more information visit 


Read the full interview with Lydia Bright in this week’s issue of Now, dated 15 September 2014 – download the digital issue here.   

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