Jamie Laing, or should we say Jamie long?

Made in Chelsea heart throb, Jamie Laing was caught with his manhood on full show on Wednesday night.

The reality star and posh boy was left red faced after being snapped enjoying a steamy shower.

Luckily for his admirers nothing was left to the imagination. And we mean NOTHING!

Unfortunately for Jamie the nude pictures were taken using Snapchat, spreading faster across the Internet than you can say six foot huge talent.

A second picture emerged shortly afterwards showing the star grinning at the camera, hands covering his pride and joy.

This isn’t the first time the 26-year-old McVitie heir has been in hot water for getting caught with his kit off.

In 2013 Jamie caused a Twitter storm after lewd photos uploaded by his then girlfriend, Tara Keeney, found their way onto the social networking site. The naughty snaps showed Liang completely nude enjoying an intimate moment with himself in front of a mirror.

Jamie, who has a whopping 943,000 followers, kept rather quiet about it on his personal Twitter account, instead leaving the apologising to a spokesperson.

He said: ‘Jamie can only apologise for any offence that has been caused.’

Mr Laing certainly isn’t uncomfortable with stripping off for the camera. That same year Jamie performed a live 3D strip tease on Yahoo’s OMG to the delight of salivating fans worldwide.
Jamie, who has his own range of sweets Candy Kittens, describes himself as a cross between Hugh Hefner and Willy Wonka. Fans no doubt will be left wondering when they will see his Willy Wonka next.

As of now Jamie hasn’t made a statement on his latest nudist escapade and the unseen photographer hasn’t even been named yet.

We will just have to wait and see how Mr Birthday Suit will handle this one.

Made In Chelsea’s Jamie is a secret ginger!

Andrew Doherty