Made in Chelsea’s Louise and Alik are now in a long-distance relationship

Baby’s got back! Made in Chelsea’s Alik Alfus has been a little bit cheeky (sorry, we couldn’t resist) posting some bootylicious photos of his girlfriend Louise Thompson, and it looks like Louise has been doing her squats!

Or, you know, it could be Photoshopped, which the pic obviously is. The brunette beauty was laid out in the sun in a Calvin Klein crop top and some zebra-print knickers, before her boyfriend took a sneaky pic and, erm, enhanced her curves.

American Alik, obviously a fan of his darling’s derrière, had previously posted another photo of Louise’s bum, and it looked pretty good already without any alterations!

We’re glad to see the couple are having fun in the sun together, as at the end of the last series of Made in Chelsea, their usually stable relationship seemed to be on the rocks when Alik got a call from his father to return to America to run the family business. Sob.

And to make matters worse, when fellow Chelsea chap Proudlock asked Alik if he thought Louise was ‘The One’, he said he wasn’t sure. Awkward…

Although that might not be the response that Louise would ideally want to hear, Alik followed on by saying: ‘the last thing I want to do is hurt Louise.’

Word spread about Alik’s uncertainty, because, you know, that’s how things work in MiC, and before you knew it Louise of course had heard about her boyfriend’s whispers and was not best pleased.

‘To just not tell me that is extraordinary behaviour. Was he just going to leave and hope things would fizzle out? I need to discuss it with him now and see if it’s worth my effort.’

But never fear. Alik said that they were just normal doubts that anyone would have in a relationship and they decided that to give long-distance a go.

‘I love you and I want to make things work. All I can say is trust me when I say that I’m so in love with you and I want to make this work.’

Awwww – you guys!

Well, if their Instagram accounts are anything to go by, the couple are doing fine and dandy, with pics of them in living a life of sunshine and shopping in America.

Alright for some eh?

Erm, what’s MiC’s Lucy’s boyfriend doing on dating app Happn?!

Amy Lo