MIC’s Andy Jordan was devastated by Louise admitting to sleeping with the 1D star

The truth is out.

Made In Chelsea‘s pocket-sized Louise Thompson has finally ‘fessed up that she and 1D‘s Niall Horan, 20, DID have sex – sending her poor, devoted ex-boyf Andy Jordan into an emotional tailspin.

Andy, 24, exclusively tells Now that her shocking admission has made him question their eight-month relationship.

He and Louise, 23, were no longer together when she and pop leprechaun Niall put on a private show between the sheets.

But he’s now convinced himself that the first time Louise stayed over at Niall‘s earlier this year – which she insists was purely an innocent sleepover – they weren’t playing Scrabble.

This is the first time I’ve spoken to anyone about Louise and Niall,’ says Andy as he sits down with Now.

It’s embarrassing. I’m having my life ripped up on camera and I can’t take any more public humiliation.’

Andy finally found out the truth about Louise and Niall from Spencer Matthews, of all people.

‘Yes. We were out shooting one day and Spen relished in telling me he knew she’d slept with
Niall. Apparently she’d told him everything when they were drunk.

‘I pushed her on it and said: “Why are you lying to me? I heard you’ve been sleeping with Niall.”

‘She just denied it. She admitted she’d gone to his for a house party, but swore nothing had happened.

‘Then after about half an hour she broke down and confessed she’d slept with him.’

Louise Thompson and Niall Horan‘s reps both declined to comment.

Read the full interview with Andy Jordan in this week’s Now magazine dated 25 November 2013 – download the digital edition now


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