Francis Boulle says he has no regrets about telling Louise Thompson Spencer had cheated on her

Made In Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews was less than impressed with mate Francis Boulle for telling Louise Thompson that Spencer had cheated on her.

But despite their monumental fight on the show, Francis, 24, has no regrets.

‘If one of my friends has been cheating on their girlfriend, it’s none of my business, but I say its probably your responsibility to tell them if you want to continue to be in a relationship with them,’ he says.

‘There’s no point if people are being deceived and it’s just a lie – I don’t like liars.

‘I felt like he just kept lying and almost taking the piss out of her for not knowing.’

Francis says he thinks there is a small possibility that the couple will get back together despite his revelations, as Spencer, 24, will find a way to get round his ex-girlfriend.

‘Obviously everyone has their flaws to work on, so I think he’s got some growing up to do in some areas,’ Francis says.

That’s you told, Spencer!

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