Louise says she knows who he cheated on her with

Made In Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews has definitely burned his bridges with Louise Thompson for the last and final time.

After Spencer, 25, dumped her on the show, saying: ‘It’s f*cking hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you,’ in a reference to his repeated infidelity,  there was no going back.

‘I just feel really relieved and happy it’s over,’ Louise, 23, says.  ‘I’ve been so depressed for the last four months of our relationship, I forgot what that was like.’

Louise says she knows that Spencer cheated on her with an older woman, with but won’t reveal the name. 

‘I do know who it was, but she’s not in the public eye,’ Louise says.

Since the break-up, Louise has already been linked with co-star Andy Jordan, 24, while Spencer has been pictured out with model Verity Chapman

Louise says she has also had time to catch up with friends, including co-star Millie Mackintosh, who once threw a slap at Spencer for the way he treated her friend, and the male cast members of MIC.

‘I had a weird relationship with the boys because Spencer would choose to spend all his time with me then blame it on me, saying I’m needy,’ Louise says.

‘And because he presented our relationship so badly to them, they questioned why we were still together. But I guess noone could have stopped him [cheating].

‘He’s an unstoppable beast!’

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