The love rat says gorgeous Lucy was too 'proper' for him

He cheated on his ex Lucy Watson after just 72 hours together, and now Made In Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews reveals his side of why the relationship didn’t work out.

It turns out that though the love rat, 24, says he’s sorry for what he’s done, he’s also laying some of the blame at Lucy‘s door.

‘When I was with Lucy I felt incredible,’ he confesses. ‘It was the worst break-up I ever had. My heart felt terrible.

‘As lovely as Lucy is, it felt like I was settling – she’s extremely proper and correct and she doesn’t go out or drink much.

‘I kind of felt I was married very early on.

‘Within the first week she had keys to my home and we spent every night together. Part of it was amazing but I felt worried.

‘I knew I didn’t want that to be it for me, despite the fact I’m sure Lucy would’ve made a fantastic wife and mother. It moved extremely quickly.’

Lucy, 22, says she’ll never forgive Spencer for cheating on her, but Spencer now says he thinks they were never very well-suited.

‘I don’t want to say anything nasty about Lucy, but she’s the other end of the spectrum to me,’ he says. ‘We’re polar opposites.’

‘She’s very pure and very healthy – she has two drinks and is ready to go to hospital.’

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