Spencer spent time in Sheffield growing up

Spencer Matthews might have found fame in Made In Chelsea but he insists he’s actually got northern roots.

The reality star was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire before moving to Sheffield for a bit and thinks the Yorkshire city affected his culinary tastes.

I’m originally from Sheffield, so, of course, I’ve had crisp sandwiches,’ says Spencer, 25.

Has to be salt and vinegar.

I got sent to a posh school – Eton – so that’s why I speak like this. I’m actually northern at heart.’

Spencer doesn’t return to the North much these days as he’s so at home in London but the fighting spirit he picked up there has stayed with him.

I have been involved in a fist fight – it’s completely normal that,’ the TV star tells The Sun.

I’m pretty sure my last one was in Sheffield.

I occasionally go there [to Sheffield] but not really. I have to say I prefer stuff down here [in London] but I love the characters up there.

There’s nothing wrong with Sheffield. I just personally prefer it down here.’

Made In Chelsea New York is coming soon to e4.

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