Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson shares the results of him working out with a topless Instagram post

Things are hotting up in Made in Chelsea, and it’s not just because the gang are currently back on our screens in the sunny state of L.A.

Cheeky chappy Sam Thompson has raised the temperature ever higher by sharing THIS bedroom-wall worthy shot of his bod. Thank you for getting us through our work day Sammy boy.

Captioning the smokin’ shot with: ‘Getting there people! One gain at a time!’, it seems like the Chelsea chap has been hitting the gym and working out lately. And it’s definitely paid off we can tell you.

Is it just us or has someone turned up the heating in here?

While Louise Thompson‘s little brother Sam has been pumping iron though, his fellow MiC buddies have been sunning it up in the rolling hills of L.A.

Last time we saw Sam on our screens, he was finally getting his act together and giving his relationship with Lucy Watson’s little sister, Tiff, another shot. And it seems like its second time a charm and he’s been posting pics with the blonde beauty all over his Instagram accounts. N’aww!

He’s even been teaching her how to skateboard, and he seems to have quite the knack of being a teacher as she’s wheeling along the roads of London like Tony Hawk himself! Well, maybe not quite…but she’s doing better than we would be!

Maybe that’s the secret to Sam’s phwoar-some body!

Or maybe if from all the weights he’s been lifting, which seems to have been doing with gym buddy and fellow MiC-er, Jamie Laing, who he gave some good ol’ gym banter to. But Jamie didn’t seem to find it so funny as he told Sam to ‘f*** off!’ Well, you can’t really blame the poor boy –  he was lobster red while lifting a weight above his head!

We can’t wait to have you – and your abs – back on our screens Sam!

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