Made In Chelsea’s Proudlock and Lucy Watson talk to us about their secret new romance

In last season’s Made In Chelsea, our favourite bunch of poshos jetted off to NYC. There were parties (obvs), arguments (obvs) and lots and lots of ‘hooking up’ (obviouslyyyy).

But as the new season of MIC hit our screens, the one relationship we NEED to know about is that of Lucy Watson and a certain Mr Proudlock.

Apart from Lucy’s latest Instagram snap, which shows the MIC beauty pulling Proudlock along on a dog lead (as you do), we hadn’t heard much from the pair about their relationship.

But thankfully, Now got on the case and, after speaking with the couple in question, we’ve got all the goss you need.

‘When [Proudlock and I] came back to London we had a lot to sort out because everyone found out our secrets,’ dished Lucy Watson. ‘We had to decide what we wanted to do – and we continued dating when we got back.’

Although the pair couldn’t tell us exactly what their status is now, as all will be revealed in the new series, Proudlock said that him and Lucy need to ‘work out how we’re feeling’ – also confirming that this ‘working out’ involved more dating. Hurrah!

The couple kept their dates a secret during their New York trip, fearing a backlash from their friends. And indeed, when their secret was revealed, Lucy‘s ex and Proudlock‘s best mate Jamie Laing was nooooot happy.

However, Proudlock has confirmed to Now that him and Jamie are officially back on as the nation’s fave BFFs: ‘There are tensions between Jamie and I a little bit. But we’re all good. I’ve known Jamie for so long, we’ve lived together for three years and never had an argument – this is the first one we’ve had. We’re going to work things out.’

That’s what we like to hear!

Now also found out that Louise Thompson and American boyfriend Alik Alfus are still super loved up, Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead are working on being mates, Stephanie Pratt and Stevie Johnson are trying to salvage a friendship and Spencer Matthews is, well, still being Spencer Matthews.

Bring on the …..*MIC awkward pause*….. rest of the new season. We can’t wait to see what happens!

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