It doesn't look like Gemma Collins will be joining Jamie Laing and Made in Chelsea gang anytime soon...

With their bleached blonde hair, you would think that Jamie Laing and Gemma Collins would have something in common.

But Jamie, 26, has some wise words of advice for TOWIE veteran Gemma, 34, about ditching her roots and leaving the show that made her famous.

The Mcvities heir said: ‘The worst thing you can do is jump ship just because you’ve been made a better offer – or at least you think you’re being presented with a better offer.’

Is this an invitation to be invited onto the MIC yacht?

Well, whereever Gemma is off to, Jamie doesn’t think she’ll be sneaking off to rival MIC to get airtime: ‘I don’t think this would ever happen. But I don’t think Gemma would want to be on Made In Chelsea anyway,’ admitting that she would ‘hate it’.

He also described the MIC bunch as being ‘one big happy family’ – cute, but has he not seen some of the on-screen fall-outs? Surely perfect for the glamorous Gemma to be adopted into?

Apparently not, as they ‘won’t just invite anyone to join.’ Ouch!

It doesn’t look like Gemma will be sipping champagne in the streets of Chelsea anytime soon then…

And if that wasn’t hard enough to digest, Jamie also confessed that he was disappointed with ‘G C’ being suspended from TOWIE earlier this summer.

Speaking to the MailOnline he said: ‘Everyone needs to stop being idiots. We are role models for young people so we need do what is right. We should inspire young people. Keep that in mind.’ Wise words Jamie, wise words.

But there is good news – it doesn’t look Jamie has any plans to leave Chelsea anytime soon.

He said: ‘For me, I’m such a loyal guy. Made In Chelsea gave me my place in the media world. I love it and don’t have any plans to leave.’ PHEW!

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