While on the panel for Young Free and Single, Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea reveals what name he gives his penis.


Young, Free and Single. No, that’s not us talking about ourselves, that’s the name of that dating show on E4. You know – the one where couples go on dates and others comment and dissect it live as it’s going on. Yep. That one.

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And one of our fave cheeky Chelsea chappies, Jamie Laing, made an appearance on the show this week, and while on it, revealed something rather, erm, fascinating about himself.

The subject of names given to penises came up (yeah…we’re not sure either), and while one of the cast of the show revealed that his you know what was called Monty, presenter Steve Jones then went on to ask the Made in Chelsea rah rascal about his.

While Steve pondered whether Jamie’s willy had a posher name than Monty, Jamie blurted out with ‘maybe Mercutio.’

Mercutio?! We didn’t even know that was, well, a name!

And if you thought that this conversation couldn’t go any more down smut avenue, Welsh wonder Steve Jones then came out with this line: ‘Dare I say it, Mercutio sounds like a bit of a mouthful.’

Filth. Pure filth – this is worse than the Great British Bake-Off!

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Amy Lo