JP says he considered ending his life following his parents’ divorce

Made In Chelsea’s Josh ‘JP’ Patterson has opened up about his struggle with depression – and how it even led to him contemplating suicide.

The TV star revealed during an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain as part of the show’s Changing Minds campaign that he battled the illness during his teenage years following his parents’ break-up.


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‘My issues started at a very young age,’ said JP, 25.

‘My parents who are phenomenal, unfortunately had their differences, it was quite an unhappy marriage for them, which unfortunately affected my sister and I.

‘I think it began at 9 or 10 for me, being exposed to the arguments, they never intentionally did it, but unfortunately that was the case. So I started to be affected mentally by that.’

JP thinks things got progressively worse and, by the time his mum and dad divorced when he was 13, his behaviour had become ‘quite erratic’.

‘I became very aggressive and again just not having an understanding of the way I was behaving and why I was doing it. It was a bad cycle,’ he explained.

‘You don’t know whether you’re doing it as a cry for help.

‘When I was getting home, my aggression with my parents, I was smashing things and I think it was just a way of relieving that anger within me.’

JP admits he wasn’t talking to anyone about his problems and sadly they became so severe that it led to him having thoughts of ending his own life.

He said: ’For me I’ve always thought I was a very headstrong kind of guy, but it got to the point where I thought I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and that’s when suicide sort of came into play.

‘So this one evening I ended up messaging some friends of mine and just saying “this is it guys, I just can’t take it anymore.”

‘But I had that hesitation straight after and I think by doing that I kind of realised there was so much great in my life and I had such wonderful parents and such an amazing sister to support me, I kind of thought it was selfish to act out like that.’

After the scare JP’s friends informed teachers at school who awaited his arrival the next day and soon things thankfully started to improve.

These days the Made In Chelsea favourite is in a much better place and has an encouraging message for anyone going through a similar thing.

‘I’ve been given this opportunity to sit with you guys now and express what I was going  through,’ he said.

‘And hopefully reach out to however many people are affected by this and just let them know that they’re not alone and there are people out there that would like to hear what they are going through and there is light at the end of the tunnel.’

JP has since received lots of praise and support from fans and friends alike on Twitter for speaking out about his depression.

Anna Francis