Now we can look as gorgeous as Louise Thompson, as she has shared with Now all her top beauty tips!

Have you always wondered exactly WHAT does Louise Thompson does to make her face look so darn lovely?!

Well it’s time to put that pretty lil’ mind to rest- here at Now we have taken the liberty of delving into the depths of the Made In Chelsea star’s make-up bag to find out exactly what the posh totty (or the much more fitting ‘posh hotty’) does to keep herself looking so preen and pretty!

Notepads at the ready, this is golden advice people…

Thompson trick one: ‘Every girl needs a reliable spot cream’. However for those of use striving for the exact same glow as the 25-year-old we’ve unfortunately hit a bit of a roadbump, ‘mine is a rare find, it’s a product by ‘Malin and Goetz’ and it’s a sulphur paste which is a really good spot treatment. Just add a dab of paste using a cotton bud..’.

Thompson trick two: It’s time to get greasy people. Louise explains ‘I love Klorane Dry Shampoo- because my hair is so fine it helps give it some lift… without this I would probably  have to wash my hair everyday. It’s made from natural products such as nettle and pat milk and doesn’t have a strong smell like other brands’. Stinging nettle = good…

Thompson trick three: Never keep a bit of dinner stashed away for later… ‘Make sure you floss- I keep DenTek Travel Floss Picks in my handbag. They are super useful because I find myself eating out at resturants often and they save me from any post supper embarassment’.

Thompson trick four: NEVER on any terms dare to bare- ‘Have painted nails. I love getting gel manicure, but when I have time I like to paint my nails in front of the TV. Essie is my favourite’.

Thompson trick five: ‘A compact mirror is always handy – I keep a small mirror in my handbag so I can keep an eye on my make up throughout filming’. But of course Louise, how else are we going to do Thompson trick three without a mirror?!

Thompson trick six: Put down the bamboo, the pandas are staying in the zoo- ‘Owning a decent waterproof mascara is useful-as you know I have been known to cry and panda eyes are never a good look. I love the NYX Doll Eye Mascara it’s great value’.
Thompson trick seven: Get lippy- ‘I can’t live without a selection of red and purple lipsticks. I love the Mac Satin Lip Stick in Snob’.
Thompson trick eight:

Don’t underestimate the power of the brows- ‘Never ignore your eyebrows- Since I got HD brows done I have never gone  back. I like dark full eyebrows with good shape- they can entirely change someones face’.

*Tosses hair* We’re just sooo Chelsea now.

WIT-WOO! Sam Thompson strips off and shows his Made in Chelsea hot bod!


Alice Perry