Stephanie Pratt also responds to existing surgery rumours

Made in Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt has been refreshingly open about her future plastic surgery plans, revealing that she would consider getting work done when she is older.

Speaking to New! magazine on the subject of confidence, Stephanie said: ‘I’ll probably want a facelift when I’m older.’ She also admitted that she would consider a ‘boob lift’ if her assets were to sag after having kids.


LA-born reality TV star Stephanie, who formerly starred in The Hills alongside brother Spencer Pratt, caused a storm when she turned up on Made in Chelsea as the girlfriend of serial-cheater Spencer Matthews. Although their relationship ended in the 7th series, Stephanie has stuck around on the show to become a regular. She has also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, lasting 19 days inside the house.

However, those who remember Stephanie from her days in The Hills, which ended in 2010, can’t help but notice that she looks somewhat different to her former self. Is it just those regular workouts (she exercises daily) or has Stephanie had work done?  Fans noticed a further change in her looks on Made in Chelsea LA last August. Responding to the rumours, she told New! simply: ‘No comment’. Hmm. What do we think?

Whatever she’s has or hasn’t had done, we think Stephanie looks great and we really hope she’s building up her confidence after getting dumped by Josh Shepherd on the show. It looks like the gorgeous star is good on moving on, at least, revealing: ‘I really don’t want to talk about [Josh]. He hasn’t been too hard to get over.’ You go, girl! We like your sassy approach.

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter