They insist their marriage is strong, but they're on the verge of a break-up

After months of speculation that their 7-year marriage is on the rocks, Madonna and Guy Ritchie put on a united front last week.

The Material Girl issued a strong statement to the world’s press via her PR Liz Rosenberg, saying: ‘I’m delighted to confirm that Mr and Mrs Guy Ritchie remain happily married. Though they were in different countries recently the family are joyfully back together at home in London. All is well and wonderful in the Ritchie household.’

But Now can reveal that Madonna, 49, and Guy, 39, are leading totally separate lives. According to various sources that we spoke to during the last week, their contrasting lifestyles mean they’re virtual strangers, as their lives head in different directions.

Body language
Now’s body language expert Judi James says: ‘When they link arms, there’s a distance between them, which is unusual in a long-term relationship and suggests they’re incompatible.

David’s adoption
The couple’s adopted son Malawian David, 18 months, is one of the most important binding factors in holding Madonna’s marriage together, but Madonna’s plans to adopt a sister for David shocked Guy. ‘He refused to get involved,’ says a source. ‘It was this that made them realise just how different they are, what they want from life and what they’re prepared to do to get it.’

Different locations
After 10 years in the UK, Madonna fully intends to make New York her main base now.

When he’s not working, Guy splits his time between their Wiltshire estate and London townhouse – and he’s more than happy with that arrangement.

Madonna the media megastar
She may have sold over 200 million albums, but Madonna isn’t one to rest on her laurels. Having made her film directing debut with Filth And Wisdom, she’s now busy launching her new album Hard Candy, to be released on 29 April.

Personal lives
Exercising for up to four hours a day and being in bed by 9pm is central to Madonna’s teetotal lifestyle – she even spent £6 million on the house next door just to turn it into a gym.

Although he’s an avid judo expert and cyclist, Guy likes nothing more than drinking with his old friends in country pubs.

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