Madge takes family – minus David – for night out

Madonna treated her clan to a West End trip to catch the premiere of her latest flick Arthur And The Invisibles last night.

The pop queen, 48, was accompanied by children Lourdes, 10, and Rocco, six, and husband Guy, 38.

And even though the newest addition to the family, David Banda, was left safely at home, his new mum told reporters he was doing great.

Madonna is the voice of Princess Selenia in the animated film which also stars Robert De Niro and David Bowie.

She said she loved making the flick because she didn’t have to glam up. ‘I could sit there in my tracksuit, getting into character and not worrying about hair extensions or whether I had a pimple,’ she explained.

Whatever, Madge. We can’t imagine you ever look anything less than immaculate.