She and Guy row at posh restaurant - then she angers critics with her coat

A relaxing romantic meal should have been in store for Madonna and Guy Ritchie when they arrived at Cecconi’s restaurant in London’s Mayfair.

But according to fellow diners, the couple spent the whole evening snapping at each other.

‘The atmosphere between them was more than frosty,’ a customer reports in The Daily Mirror. ‘Guy was telling her that he’d had enough of her being so controlling all the time and something had to give.

‘Madonna tried to give it back to him, but he would just talk over her. She just seemed really embarassed.’

The couple left after an hour and a half but the disasterous evening didn’t end there. The controversial coat Madge was wearing earnt her another ticking off.

The Queen of Pop was snapped sporting a £35,000 fur jacket – made of 40 dead chinchillas – which has angered animal rights groups.

A spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says: ‘We hope Madonna’s acts of kindness in Africa move her to extend her compassion to animals.’