Ex’s rejection turns her into a cougar on a baby mission – go Madge!

Madonna‘s not used to hearing no’ and it’d take a deluded person in her entourage to even utter the word.

But ex-husband Guy Ritchie’s no wallflower and despite weeks of pleading phone calls from Madge, he’s turned down a reconciliation with the queen of pop for, well, literally a younger model.

Guy, 42, has been dating model Jacqui Ainsley, 28, since April and is even looking to start a family with her next year.

When Madonna’s relationship with Jesus Luz began to crumble, it brought home how much she missed Guy,’ says an insider.

He gave her stability and was the only man who ever stood up to her. She rang him about a possible reunion, but he said no way. He’s moved on.’

You can’t keep a good woman down, though, and Madge, 52, has wasted no time consoling herself in the arms of her hunky backing dancer Brahim Zaibat, 24, who she met at daughter Lourdes’s recent fashion launch.

Now’s source says Madge has already moved him into her New York penthouse and ordered him to learn Kabbalah.

Brahim’s just a distraction,’ says our spy.

She can’t bear the thought of Guy becoming a dad with another woman and seeing him so happy has been torturous.’

Now she’s reportedly looking into adopting again from Malawi in a bid to win the race with Guy to have a baby.

She’s already made enquiries,’ adds the spy.

She knows she may be refused because of her age but she’s hoping the Malawi courts will see what a good job she’s done with David and Mercy and agree to an adoption. She wants to welcome another child in 2011.’

Watch this space…

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