Body bitching from a 53-year-old - oops, she's at it again!

Madonna and Britney Spears famously shared a lesbian kiss on stage at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, but things have clearly turned sour between the pair.

In the run-up to her amazing performance at the Super Bowl on 5 February, Madge made a few catty snipes about Brit‘s bulging figure.

Reminding the world about pop music’s pecking order, Madonna – when asked about Lady Gaga – said: I mean, she isn’t Britney Spears. She’s not built like a brick shithouse.’

Ouch! Wonder how long it took her to sharpen those claws?

Unlike Britney, 30, the Material Girl‘s made it her life’s work to maintain a super-sculpted bod. And, at 53, Madge‘s got a figure of a woman half her age.

Her toned physique can be put down to a strict regime of yoga classes and healthy eating.

Meanwhile, Britney‘s had a turbulent few years – she’s led an unhealthy lifestyle while away from the showbiz spotlight and it’s resulted in her weight yo-yoing.

How will she retaliate to Madonna‘s dig? We reckon this row could get pretty toxic…

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