Actress loves being at home with her daughter

Maggie Gyllenhaal wants to spend more time with her daughter than she does in front of the camera.

The actress says it’d have to be a meaty role to tempt her away from parenthood.

‘I do think that it’s really difficult to get me away from [Ramona],’ she says.

‘It’s difficult to find a script that’s good enough for me to think, “Okay, I really need to do this instead of being with my daughter”.

‘Some people have asked me whether I’ll choose things that … have a more sort of child-appropriate content, and I don’t think so.

‘I think I’ll choose what’s interesting to me.’

And Maggie, 30, says being a mum to Ramona, 20 months, has made her a better actress.

‘I think having a child changes everything and has deepened everything in my life,’ she tells People. ‘I think it has deepened my acting.

Maggie, 30, is engaged to actor Peter Sarsgaard.

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