Hollywood starlet says movie stunts were the scariest she's experienced

Up-and-coming Hollywood actress Maggie Q says the stunts she filmed with Bruce Willis for Die Hard 4.0 were pretty tough.

‘I’ve never been more scared during a stunt, which is weird,’ she admits. ‘I don’t usually get that scared feeling,’

Maggie, 28 – who has also starred in the Mission: Impossible series – insists that all her stunt work is genuine. ‘All those car explosions, crashing into helicopters, that’s all real,’ she says.

‘People in the business hate computer effects. It should be the last resort.’

A keen boxer and an expert in martial arts, Maggie even took on Bruce Willis in a fight.

‘We’re in an SUV, in an elevator shaft and we’re falling as the fight goes on,’ she tells Woman. ‘We’re falling out of the car, climbing back into it and meanwhile the whole thing is going down hundreds of feet.

‘It was nerve-wracking. Yes, we’re wearing harnesses and so does that car, but I still have a Ford Explorer hanging two inches over my head.’

Kate Evans