J-Lo's hubby looks nervous - could it be she's pregnant?

When you’re escorting a style diva, it’s essential to look well turned out – and cool.

But J-Lo’s husband Marc Anthony appeared all hot and bothered by her side on Tuesday at New York Fashion Week.

A huge sweat patch is soooo not a good look.

Still, 37-year-old Jen’s JustSweet fashion range – from £25 to £50 – is fab.

Love the denim boy shorts, minidresses – and her signature one-shoulder look.

‘Girls who are young who are going to wear it are going to feel sophisticated in it because it does have a chic kind of feel,’ she says.

‘But people who are older who wear it are going to feel young, flirty and fun. It really has a nice mix.’

J-Lo appeared to be a little curvier around the middle than usual and backstage gossips reckon she could be expecting…

Watch this space.

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