Love rat booted off by public in shock vote

Marc Bannerman has packed his I’m A Celeb rucksack and is heading for the nearest airport Down Under.

Viewers voted the ex-EastEnder off the show tonight, leaving a relieved Katie Hopkins who was the second least popular contestant.

Before the shock result, the campers enjoyed a last supper of wild boar.

The celebrities did impressions of each other as a bit of after-dinner entertainment.

Gemma Atkinson chose to parody Christopher Biggins, asking, ‘Come on, darlin’, how big’s your penis?’

Janice Dickinson was the only one who didn’t join in.

Lynn Franks and Biggins agreed that she’s too self-obsessed to notice anyone else’s mannerisms.

Former Catatonia star Cerys Matthews was convinced she would be the first to leave the fly-infested camp but it was her on-screen paramour who got the boot.

Now he has to face long term girlfriend Sarah Matravers who’s livid about his behaviour in the jungle.

‘I enjoyed setting up camp and eating beans,’ Marc told Ant and Dec, ‘and setting up relationships with people…

‘I missed my family, my friends, Sarah, everyone…I’m in trouble, aren’t I?’

Marc, 34, admitted he got on fantastically with Cerys.

‘It’s a really difficult thing,’ he explained. ‘I connected with her on a very deep level, but nothing happened.

‘I was shocked I could have an intense relationship like that. I was…I still am… struggling with my emotions.

‘I’ve got to apologise to my girlfriend – I’ve embarrassed her and myself.’

Dec told Marc that Sarah had been in Australia to meet him but had gone home again.

Now he actor says wants to get back to London right away.

Sarah was interviewed before she boarded her plane for the UK, telling reporters, ‘We’ve been together 2 and a half years and I’m shell-shocked.

‘It’s been really painful to watch. There is so much to say but this has to happen behind closed doors.’

Or maybe the pair will decide to share their anguish with a newspaper…and pose at home for a glossy magazine shoot.

In the meantime, with Marc gone, the only rutting going on is between the bluebottles driving everyone nuts.

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