Oh no...

Big Brother‘s Marco Pierre White Jr and Laura Carter have got back together again because of course they have.

For anyone feeling Déjà vu, this is exactly what happened with Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis – she came into the Celebrity Big brother house with a boyfriend and left with an Irish man and a lot of Twitter meltdowns.

However, Marco Pierre White Jr enjoys the double-threat of being in a more annoying romance than his predecessor and being the least likable of the Marco Pierre White’s. That’s an achievement for the trophy cabinet.


Anyway, last night saw him and Laura run around naked and getting intimate in the hot tub. Like really intimate. Strange, considering how ‘annoyed’ he thought his family and fiancé Kim Melville-Smith would be with him yesterday. What a difference a day makes.

*whispers* They are naked in this picture [Channel 5]

*whispers* Pssst, they are naked in this picture [Channel 5]

This may all be a bit of a kick-while-your-down for poor Kim, who informed the world that he gave her fiancé a ‘hallpass not an open relationship’ and she’s not very happy right now.

And Marco even claimed the pair were trying for kids before he entered the house. He told the MailOnline: ‘I only care about Kim. We are trying for a baby and we’ll call it Marco Pierre White III if it’s a boy.’


Kim Melville Smith is probably not keen on the idea anymore [Instagram]

Kim Melville Smith is probably not keen on the idea anymore [Instagram]

So while he continues to ‘only care about Kim’, model Laura has been informing the world about her new buddy’s man downstairs.

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‘I mean it’s just normal, maybe six or seven… it’s not small.’

‘Is it thick?’ asked Sam.

‘Yeah he’s got like a big [end].’