This is probably the end...

Marco Pierre White Jr‘s fiancé has finally broken her silence after he ‘dumped’ her while in the Big Brother house.

The chef’s son has caused a bit of a stir after ‘cheating’ on his fiancé Kim Melville-Smith with fellow housemate Laura Carter, where the pair got so frisky that it provoked 252 complaints to Ofcom.

But on Tuesday night Marco got a bit busy hitting on another female housemate – by asking DJ housemate Emma to find him the right person (one of her friends) before hitting on her.

But if the classy guy thinks he’s going back to a loving relationship after this, he’s very wrong…

On Monday she shared a poll asking: ‘If you were Marco’s fiancé what would you do??’ with the options: ‘Just ignore it’, ‘leave him!!!’ ‘Cut his balls off’ and ‘Feed Laura to sharks’.


And the fashion designer commented: ‘I was sent this by my sister.’

But the biggest statement were her next comments, where Kim wrote: ‘Out with a bunch of friend’s for a birthday dinner… The purpose of life is to be happy everyday.’

Yeahhh, if that’s not a big “I’m OVER it”, we don’t know what is.

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Marco Pierre White Jr pretty much sealed the deal on Tuesday night’s episode after telling Emma: ‘Until I find the right person, I just want to be free. I just want a bird. Got any cool friends that I would be perfect for?’

Emma, tell them all to RUN! AS FAST AS THEY CAN!