Hell's Kitchen is set to close its ovens - and there's only one person Marco thinks should win

Hell’s Kitchen serves up its final selection of cookery chaos tonight.

And there’s no doubting who Marco Pierre White believes should win.

‘Adele has been fantastic,’ says the Michelin-starred cook, 45.

‘If she wasn’t an actress she could definitely become a chef full-time.’

His praise for the 26-year-old soap star doesn’t stop there either.

‘I think it helps that she is very artistic in the kitchen,’ adds Marco.

‘From day one she has been very focused on what she has been doing. ‘She has learned a lot of skills. She is very competent with a knife now, for example.

‘I would say she could definitely become a full-time chef. She is very organised in her preparation.’

The final cook-off, which airs at 9pm tonight on ITV1, is expected to draw a minimum of four million viewers.

As for the other finalist, Barry McGuigan, 46, Marco gives a less than ringing endorsement.

‘He has been a good listener and his overall cooking has improved,’ Marco tells the Daily Mirror. ‘He would be a great person to have in there but I think he would struggle in a real kitchen.’

Phil Boucher