Lip syncing, carried on and off stage, barely able to dance - the Lambs are concerned about MC


It’s fair to say Mariah Carey is someone who doesn’t care what others think of her. The singer does, says and wears exactly what she likes – but it seems her carefree attitude is now causing some concern among her army of loyal fans.

Mariah, 47, recently wrapped her Las Vegas residency and went straight on the road with Lionel Richie. It’s supposed to be his All The Hits tour, but Mariah’s performances have been branded more ‘miss’ by concertgoers. Posting a clip of the self-confessed diva on Facebook, one fan wrote: ‘Mariah has just given up on life.’ Another mused: ‘She is going downhill fast. Each performance is becoming more and more pitiful.’

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These pictures then surfaced of Mimi showing off a much fuller figure, while eyewitnesses 
at one of 
her recent shows claimed she was carried on and off the 
stage, sparking speculation 
that weight gain is affecting 
her ability to perform.

‘Every time Mariah came back on stage, she’d be carried in on a bed or a Jet Ski,’ one said. ‘She was obviously lip-syncing and she kept disappearing for 15 minutes at a time under the guise of costume changes.’

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They added: ‘Mariah was clearly miserable. She wore 5in heels during the show, but she couldn’t 
walk more than a few inches 
at a time, and her knees seemed to buckle under her weight. Whenever she stood up or moved, everyone held their breath for fear she’d fall.’

The comments come after a video of Mariah performing her hit Honey in Vegas went viral 
– for all the wrong reasons. It showed her seeming to struggle with the dance moves, and 
one scathing reaction read: 
‘Me doing the absolute bare minimum at work today.’ There’ve even been suggestions that the mum of two is simply burnt out from putting on so many shows lately.

Although there’s no denying that Mariah’s a world-class act, with a career spanning nearly three decades, maybe 
she should take a rest before the bad shows start to outweigh 
the good and her legacy 
is tarnished irreversibly…