Singer Mariah Carey didn't predict that she'd love motherhood so much


She’s in the middle of a bitter divorce battle after splitting up with Nick Canon but Mariah Carey has revealed that she confidently predicted she’d never be a mother or a wife.

The singer – who had twins Moroccan and Monroe with estranged husband Nick in 2011 – was put off settling down after seeing her own mum and dad have relationship difficulties.

‘I never thought I was going to have kids – ever,’ says Mariah, 44. ‘I remember as a child, saying: I’m never going to get married. I’m never going to have kids.

‘Here’s the thing: would I have been better off if my parents stayed married? No way. They were miserable together, but the grass is always greener.

‘I had a great childhood in some ways – and that’s an amazing thing to be able to say – but I also didn’t, because I was the caretaker and I still am, like, it started long before I had any financing.’

Parenthood has taken Mariah Carey by surprise in many ways. She still can’t believe just how much she adores her children.

‘Pulling them away from me is so hard,’ the musical diva tells The Observer Magazine. ‘It’s unconditional love.’

Earlier this year Mariah Carey spoke of the difficulties she faced when she was expecting. The singer recently revealed that she isn’t in a rush to have more kids after her first pregnancy left her bedbound.

‘I’m very happy with my two babies and they have a mummy and daddy who love them very much,’ says Mariah.

‘I had a tough, tough pregnancy because I was carrying twins… By the end I could hardly walk and I had to have a lot of bed rest. But I don’t want to dwell on that or sound as if I’m complaining, because I know I’m very blessed.’

Mariah clearly loves being a mum despite her troubles when pregnant and didn’t anticipate how much motherhood would affect her.

‘Becoming a mommy has certainly changed me, both personally and professionally,’ the mum-of-two explains.

‘I never expected to have these two amazing little people come along and change my life in the way they have. I still call them babies although they’re growing up fast.

‘Maybe it’s because I want to protect them as much as possible. I asked for this very public life, but they didn’t.’

Anna Francis