Or did she really manage to drop two dress sizes in just one day?


Stepping off her private jet on 11 July, Mariah Carey posted a picture of herself elegantly touching down in London.

But when Now saw pictures of the Queen Diva touching down in Blighty that very day, Mariah, 46, actually got off a helicopter, wearing a totally different outfit. So what’s going on?

Friggin world traveler 😂😂😂

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Her fans accused the Queen Diva of using Photo Shop to make herself look slimmer in the Instagram post.


‘This photo is so fake, the legs look weird’ one person commented on the picture. Another wrote: ‘Photoshopped!!! Where’s your arm  gone?’ Where indeed…

 Mariah’s previously been accused of posting pictures which show her looking rather different but has never admitted using it.

And remember,  the mum-of-two does have a lot of flunkies on hand to help out though,  so maybe she had enough time for an outfit and transport change to make the perfect Instagram shot. Either way – she still looks so hot.