Kerry Katona's ex confesses that he misses her


Mark Croft has admitted that her pines for Kerry Katona and is devastated by their split.

‘I miss her a lot, actually. She made me laugh,’ says Mark, 38.

‘I’m gutted that my marriage failed. I’ve got two great kids and two amazing stepchildren and I miss them all.’

Kerry, 29, is moving on with her life, she’s regained her slim figure and has a new man – Adam Waldron, 33.

Mark is not lonely – he’s seeing a barmaid – but he can’t help reminiscing about the good times with his ex.

Kerry and I didn’t argue – we just had lots of banter,’ Mark recalls. ‘I loved Kerry more than anybody on this planet.

‘And I miss the sex! How many people have their ex-wife raving about how great the sex was?’

Nadine Badresingh

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