The band’s tour will be a family affair to appease Mark's furious wife

Take That are not the only boy band to have been dogged by on-
tour cheating rumours, but they’re certainly making sure it won’t happen again.

The lads are planning a 50-date 
UK and European tour in 2011, but thanks to Mark Owen’s infidelities with several women, the newly reunited five piece are taking their wives, girlfriends 
and children with them.

‘When Mark’s wife Emma heard about the tour, things started getting worse between them,’ reveals a source.

‘It got to the point where she said she came too – with the kids – or they called it quits.

‘He spoke to the lads about it and they all agreed their partners should join the band on tour. So they’re making arrangements for nannies, childcare and childproof tour buses.’

Mark, 38, has been struggling 
to rebuild his marriage after admitting in March to having had 10 affairs since meeting Emma, 33, in 2004.

Insiders say he’s hoping that having her on tour with their kids Elwood, three, and Willow, 20 months, will help to rebuild the trust.

‘He sees it as a new start for them,’ says a source.

‘Since Emma gave him a second chance he hates being away from her.’

Gary Barlow’s wife Dawn and their children Daniel, nine, Emily, eight, and Daisy, 18 months, as well as Robbie Williams’ fiancée Ayda Field, will also join the tour, but insiders say the arrangement’s been made mainly with Mark in mind.

‘He’s been fighting his demons for a while,’ says a source.

‘Whatever the lads can do to make the tour go smoothly, they will.

‘They know it could be stressful at times but they’d all rather that than spend weeks away from home missing their wives, girlfriends and kids.’

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