Star producer lacks confidence in his musical ability


Mark Ronson has revealed that he fears being exposed as talentless.

Despite a string of hit collaborations with artists including Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, the producer still lacks confidence in his ability.

‘Before every new job I’m racked with insecurity [thinking]: “OK, this’ll be the one that exposes me as a fraud and a talentless f***,”’ he says.

Mark, 32, is currently dating Daisy Lowe. They were first spotted out together in May – just 3 months after he split from his girlfriend of 3 years Cosi Theodoli-Braschi.

He says the 19-year-old model keeps him grounded. ‘I prefer being either by myself or with just one person,’ he tells The Times Magazine.

‘I’m with someone who I like a lot, and that’s good because it’s an anchor.’

The producer’s DJ sister Samantha Ronson, 30, is currently linked with actress Lindsay Lohan, 22.

Sarah Goodall