Superstar producer picks up huge fee for DJing at heiress's birthday


Mark Ronson recently earned a million-pound paycheque – for just 45 minutes’ work.

The producer was hired to perform at a 21st birthday bash for Freya Dawson, daughter of haulage tycoon Peter Dawson.

Mark, 32, wowed guests at the £4million party – and even sang Happy Birthday.

He joined Jamiroquai band members and Hed Kandi DJs for the storming set.

‘The food was first-class, there was plenty of booze and Mark Ronson was great,’ says a guest at the do. ‘All the girls were thrilled when they saw him come out – he was lucky to get out of there alive!

‘Freya was thrilled when Mark sang Happy Birthday to her – it was her dream come true.’

‘His set was amazing and worth every penny,’ the partygoer tells the Daily Mirror.