What are your thoughts on Wrighty's controversial repost?!


It’s fair to say that Mark Wright usually goes down a treat with the nation- ya’know… good looking ‘fella, great sense of humour, lovely marriage to our fave ‘gal Michelle Keegan. The list is endless.

However, the 30-year-old has managed to strike a bit of a nerve with many of his social media followers over the past week, having seemingly agreed with a pretty controversial statement from the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Oh no, Wrighty.

Evening run up the Californian hills !! What a beautiful part of the world !! @umbro

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Over the weekend, the UK was struck once more with the horrendous news of an attack on London Bridge.

At the time of this coming to press, Donald Trump had taken to social media to use the tragedy as a means of asserting his own personal policies- in which he seemingly criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his anti-gun policy.

The Tweets from Donald Trump had implied that Khan had told Londoners not to be concerned over the attack, when in fact this was a misreading- the London Mayor had actually told the city that they shouldn’t be concerned of the increased police presence following the terrible event.

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However, even though the Tweets were deleted by the President, this wasn’t before Mark had reposted them to his page- causing the former TOWIE ‘fella to receive a great deal of back lash from fans criticising the social media move, with many threatening to unfollow him.

Getting back to it !! 👊 travelling over for a week. Going to use this week as a bootcamp with my bro @joshwright4444 Before going back on my travels next week. Il try post some training vids of what we do. 💪#cleanliving

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Mark also faced further backlash following this, as many fans had found his choice of Tweets during Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester event (which paid tribute to the horrendous bombing at her Manchester Arena gig) slightly inappropriate.

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During the three hour event, Mark had stayed quiet about Ariana’s gig, choosing instead to remind fans that his show Take Me Out: The Gossip would be airing at 10pm.

However, after receiving a fair bit of criticism, Mark then followed this Tweet up with a message which reads: ‘Manchester…England… our country… never defeated !! #OneLoveManchester’. Maybe he caught it on catchup, guys?!

We’re sure Wrighty has just managed to get himself into a lil’ social media mix-up. After all, we’ve all been there- right?! Right.

Alice Perry