It looks like Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s wedding is going to be a pretty impressive bash!

They have become one of Britain’s golden
couples since they got together in 2012.

Now, with just a couple of months until
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan‘s big day, the couple have revealed some of the
details about their nuptials – including all the bridesmaids!

Michelle, 27, says: ‘We’ve been engaged for
a year and a half and that’s gone so quick. We can’t believe it’s so soon now.
I panic sometimes because I want to get everything done.’

Mark, 28, adds: ‘We are both close to our
families and friends and it was important that they share the day with us.’

The couple confirmed the bridesmaids would
be Mark‘s sisters Jessica Wright and Natalya, Michelle‘s stepsister Nicola, her
childhood best friend Becky and her three cousins Gemma, Katy and Lauren.

But Mark has confirmed that despite saying last February that best friend James ‘Arg’ Argent was in the running to be his best man, he WON’T be! Instead, Mark‘s brother Josh will have the honours.

Arg and Mark have been through a tough time recently with their friendship and you can read more about Arg‘s struggle here. But Arg will no doubt be a guest on the big day – and maybe even the wedding singer!

There will be 200 guests at the venue -
which they have yet to reveal – and the pair also revealed they have had some
problems deciding on a cake.

Michelle said: ‘Ahh, cake-gate! We’re going
for a tasting session next week.’

Mark added to Hello magazine: ‘I didn’t
know there was so much to decide. I thought it was just a cake that you cut
into and everyone had a slice!’

Discussing how they have made all the
decisions for the big day, Michelle admitted they have had a similar outlook
from the start.

She said: ‘I think we do work well. Our
outlook on what we want the wedding to be is the same, even down to the colour
scheme and food.’

‘But I always see something and like it and
want to book or confirm it straight away, but Mark is like, “No wait, let’s
look into it”.’

Well, we cannot WAIT to see what
the former Coronation Street star’s dress is like! Eek!

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Stephen Leng