Hot pics of Mark Wright? Yes, please...


Barely a week seems to pass without rumours of trouble in Pretty People Paradise for Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan. Though missing wedding rings and long periods apart have had fans worried, they’ve recently hit back at the whispers – and claim they’re as strong as ever.

And now, they both have a great reason to smile – Mark’s got a new gig, and Michelle gets a clear reminder of what a hunk her hubby is…

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Mark has just been announced as the face (and body) of Oykos for the second year running – and we can definitely see why! The former TOWIE hottie has teamed up with the Greek-style yogurt brand for a new campaign – which most importantly means there are plenty of shots of him looking like this:

Mark Wright for Oykos

Mark Wright for Oykos

and this:

Mark Wright for Oykos

Mark Wright for Oykos

and THIS.

Mark Wright for Oykos

Mark Wright for Oykos


The campaign, titled Luxury Escapes, introduces a competition that will allow fans to appear alongside Mark in a new TV advert that will air exclusively on ITV.

‘I’m a massive fan of Oykos, so it’s great to be teaming up with them again for a second time,’ Mark, 29, remarked. ‘It’s exciting to help launch this fun campaign that gives people the chance to appear in the new Oykos TV advert.’

As well as getting women and men up and down the country hot and bothered with his on-screen appearances, Mark can also celebrate more career success with new ventures across the pond.

His children’s television show, The Dengineers, was picked up for its own American TV version, as well as his spoof sitcom Murder in Successville being a real critical hit. Oh – and after an impressive turn at Soccer Aid, he may also be reviving a career as a footballer with Manchester United.

Great news all round!

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