Their time at V Festival came to a nasty ending...

A feud between Mark Wright and Danny Dyer has been brewing all week after it emerged on Twitter that Mark had slapped Danny following a charity football match. Now, the pair have come to blows again – this time at V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex.

Now watched on Saturday night as Danny and Mark screamed at one another in an alleyway, backstage at the festival, following Justin Bieber’s set.

‘There were shouts of “Mark Wright you c*nt! Mark Wright you tw*t,”’ an eyewitness tells Now. ‘It was all kicking off.  Mark was pushed against a wall and was shouting. One of Mark’s friends managed to break things up after punches were thrown between the group and they took Mark away into the Mahiki VIP area.’


Our journalists then saw Danny leading away a brown haired woman in floods of tears. Looking shell shocked, Danny spoke to on site security staff who then organised a 4×4 car to come and collect him.

‘Danny’s been left with a black eye,’ an insider tells Now. ‘He’s fine, of course, but it’s not nice for his family to see.’

Following their altercation, Mark spent his night glued to his phone – appearing to be making frantic phone calls as his friends talked about the fight with Danny.


‘They were saying they stopped it because it was getting out of hand,’ a second onlooker tells Now. ‘Mark was saying he was fine and they were joking that Danny couldn’t hit someone if he tried. Mark did seem put out though and spent a lot of time on the phone. In his first conversation he was angry and shouting a lot but when he was on the phone for the third time he had calmed down.’

Earlier in the day, Danny was spotted walking around the festival in a Phantom Of The Opera mask – celebrating a stag-hen party with his wife to be Joanne Mas.

Following their stand off, Mark Wright – who’s been plagued by break up rumours from wife Michelle Keegan in recent weeks – later took to Twitter to deny that he was caught up in any fight.

Let’s hope things have cooled off between these boys!