Theses messages are truly chilling

After a brawl at V Festival on the weekend, Mark Wright and Danny Dyer’s feud has continued to simmer on.

After Danny’s fiancée, Jo Mas, took a swipe at Michelle Keegan, it seemed as if we’d seen the worst of this drama – however, the spat has taken a nasty turn as Mark has now received death threats from people on Instagram!

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We’ve all kept our eyes keenly peeled on the long-running disagreement between the TV stars ever since Danny wrote a pointed tweet about Mark last week. After Now caught the moment they had a run-in in Chelmsford, Essex on Saturday (20th August), the tension between them has been the source of much entertainment for fans.

Seemingly to distract from the headlines, Mark posted a sunny picture to his Instagram page:

Jeez, today is a scorcher !!

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‘Jeez, today is a scorcher!!’ he wrote alongside a snap of his car temperature, registering at a toasty 31 degrees.

However, it seems that some people won’t let the drama in his life settle, as cruel trolls responded with some very harmful words, with one writing: ‘Ain’t u f*cking killed yourself yet? Why are you still alive f*ck face c**t w****r hurry up and die.’

Another added: ‘What a lowlife. Let’s hope your career is finished. Who’s going to want you now?’

Though this must be horrible messages to receive on an innocent post, Mark, 29, has had an influx of support to counter it:

‘Wow some comments on here are sick, telling a man to go die just because there was some issues over the weekend? Jeez sh*t happens no need to tell the lad to go die, u vile people and as for the language did your mommas never teach u manners!’ reads the comment of one user, while others wonder ‘how would you feel?’ if similar things were said to them.

We can only agree – a feud seems like fun and games to those who aren’t in it, but when messages like that are being thrown around, it’s usually a sign that things have gone too far…